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The Armada's Group of Companies

The Armada's Group of Companies (AGC), with its corporate headquarters located in Christchurch, New Zealand as well as offices in the Philippines, Singapore, China, Indonesia, and, Germany and is directly involved in diverse interests of hotel & resort ownership, operations, management, property management, development operational consultancy, planning, condominium development, management placement and serviced business centres with its primary focus in the Australasian Asia Pacific region.


Over recent years, tourism and hospitality have become highly demanding, specialised, exacting business operations. Dramatic changes in property planning, financial policies, cash/stock control, management reporting, marketing strategies, customer awareness and the demands of increased competition coupled with smaller profit margins and huge increases in overheads are all factors which have made the "lay back" style of management a definite recipe for disaster. In many instances, management techniques have not progressed beyond the era when a rather relaxed and casual attitude were the prerequisites to achieve a reasonable measure of success in the management of an operation.


Tourism and hospitality enterprises are subject to continual pressures to adapt to the needs of the market. Entrepreneurial leadership has become vitally important, demanding consideration of many different fields of experience. Today, knowledge and experience are necessary in areas which it would be impossible for a single enterprise or its management team to specialise in.


Having identified this requirement as a practicing hotelier, Steve Stinson founded Paradise International in 1982. It was a most successful management and consulting operation not only covering the Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand areas but also specialising in "trouble shooting" particularly properties in distress, where the problem areas were identified, resulting in the development of services and reporting systems vital to successful management.


He moved permanently to Cebu, because of family reasons, in 1988 where he has operated from until recently moving to New Zealand in April 1998. It was in Cebu that after successfully serving a three and one half year "apprenticeship" as a proven "survivor" in Cebu tourism, as well as over another two year "apprenticeship" in Jakarta, he identified many deficient industry facets. Because of the demand, it was decided to re-establish the management, consultancy and broking practice to cater specifically to the industries' demands in South East Asia and therein AGC was born. In addition, Armada's Holdings International Pty. Ltd. and Armada's All-Suites, Hotels & Resorts Pty. Ltd. have been incorporated in Australasia to allow more diversification as well as maximising flexibility.


As well as owning and operating its own properties, AGC provides the following industry services:


Today's hospitality industry is one of the most profitable and most challenging. Large operators are already in the market and more will follow soon. In order to remain competitive, all operators in the industry need proper consulting services in order to re-engineer themselves and to remain profitable in an industry which is changing at an unprecedented rate. 


Hospitality industry needs to brace itself to new challenges. The transition form of the old to the new will have to go through mutable changes. Strategies need to be put in place and visions need to be formulated where the industry wants to be in the future. This transformation, however, is not so simple nor a stable process and requires a planned Strategic model.


A planned strategic transition model is a framework for moving from one state to another, specifically, from the problem state to the solved state. Goals are set and achieved at various levels and in various areas or functions. Ends and means are discussed and related to one another. Careful planning is accompanied by efforts to obtain buy-in, support, and commitment. The net effect is a transition from one state to another in a planned fashion. 


At a conceptual level, the transition is a matter of moving from one state to another. This transformation is typically accomplished as a result of achieving three types of goals; namely transform, reduce, and apply.  


Transform goals are concerned with identifying differences between the two states. We at AGC call the first stage as “thaw”, second “change”, and the third “refreeze”.  


Reduce goals are concerned with determining ways of eliminating these differences which occur while the transition take place from one state to another. 


Apply goals are concerned with putting into play operators that actually affect the elimination of these differences.  


Further, AGC and its affiliate companies, while providing you with consulting services also focus on these components which fall primarily into a cycle of three main categories: 


1.     Knowledge and Control form the foundation of management, providing professionals with the ability to analyse and review and take quick decision and delegate those decisions. 


2.     Policy Setting includes the decisions and processes which allow professionals to operate proactively, increasing the value to the organization of the department and the individuals within it. 


3.     Continuous Improvement components foster an environment loop for long-range planning and professional growth.


AGC provides the consulting services to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality of your hospitality business. For us, consulting is an intervention process that focuses on continuous improvement. The best organisations are always evolving in this way, but this does not happen spontaneously. The evolution has to be planned, managed, implemented, monitored, updated and re-evaluated. Our ideas and your implementation make the difference.


Because of our experience in the current economic climate coupled with our success in "trouble shooting" and management, AGC is also an ideal choice to assist properties which have been forced into receivership or are in distress. AGC does know what it is all about, provides that "old fashioned" personal attention and can fully service every aspect required to realise a property's full operational potential.


As partners in the tourism and hospitality industries, AGC has pooled resources with experts who supply professional "know how" in all fields in order to solve economic and operational problems.

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