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All enquires regarding the use material published by AGC on the Internet should be directed to the contact address present on the Web page on which that information appears, or if no such address is present to the Web Master (info@armadas.com).


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AGC has an established independent licensing program to control the use of the name, abbreviations, symbols, emblems, logos, mascots, slogans, and other terminology associated with the Group.

Unauthorized use of the any of the fore stated representations may be trademark infringement. Any unauthorized productions or sale of registered marks or names is a violation of the Trademark Act of 1946 and the Trademark Act of 1984. Such violations subject one to liability for damages, injunctive relief, legal fees and other penalties. Infringing merchandise is subject to seizure.


Current Information


AGC cannot and does not warrant that the information on this server is absolutely current, although every effort is made to ensure that it is kept as current as possible. The individual web pages have modification dates which can be used as guides to the timeliness of the data; however, we cannot warrant that no changes have been made to the source information since that date.


Accurate Information


Whilst AGC makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information published on, served by and accessed via its Internet pages, the information contained therein should not be relied upon as a substitute for formal advice from the originator or its departments.

AGC, its employees and agents will not be responsible for any loss, however arising, from the use of, or reliance on this information.

Users should also note that AGC does not endorse as to accuracy or content links on its Web pages to external Internet sites not published or maintained by it.


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The site to which this notice is attached is protected by copyright owned in whole or in principal part by AGC. The download of documents or information is strictly forbidden.

For permission requests, licensing proposals, questions, or further information, please contact the Web Master (info@armadas.com).


Equal Opportunity Statement


AGC in compliance with all applicable National and International laws and regulations does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, or status as a veteran in any of its policies, practices, or procedures. This includes but is not limited to, employment, financial aid, and operational services.


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