East Timor

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The information gathering mission which went to Dili from 22nd November until 2nd December has returned resulting in a strategic plan for a three phase development to be undertaken.

Phase I.           Is entering into a joint venture partnership with a prominent East Timorese entity and acquiring the following land:

  • 10 hectares of white sand beach frontage land which has been identified which is approximately 10 km from Dili for the beach resort complex. A 49 year lease over this land is to be entered into; and,
  • Approximately 2 hectares of land which has been identified in the Dili CBD which is within easy access of the port area. Again a 49 year lease over this land is to be entered into.

Phase II.         Immediately the 10 hectares of beach frontage land is contracted, an all-suite international beach resort is to be constructed consisting of:

  • 60 x 1 Bedroom 50m˛ Units
  • Reception, Coffee Shop and Lounge
  • 4 Conference Rooms
  • Offices
  • Pool, Tennis, Fitness & Activities Centre, Sauna and Spa
  • Managers' Residences
  • Staff Accommodation and Canteen for 80.

The resort buildings will be pre-fabricated "off shore". Depending upon delays in formalising agreements, the components can be on the ground in Dili by the last week of February 2003 and fully operational by the 1st April 2003.
Upon its completion, this will provide AGC with a permanent base presence in Dili as well as offering a modern facility of international standard for "in country" and Dili city expatriates to get away from it all but still be close should they be urgently needed. In addition, it will provide an excellent "cross marketing" facility for the city property on its completion.

Phase III.        As soon as the beach resort is operational and the Dili CBD land contract is signed, the construction of the mixed use development will commence. It will consist of:

  • 4* International 40 suites 160 rooms city Hotel
  • Hospitality & Tourism School
  • Supermarket
  • Butcher & Delicatessen
  • Hot Bread Shop
  • Hardware Store
  • Department Store
  • News Agency & Office Supplies
  • Men's Clothing & Shoes
  • Ladies Clothing & Shoes
  • Outdoors & Sport Store
  • Jeweller & Watchmaker
  • Beauty Salon & Hairdresser

ˇ  Gift, Craft & Souvenir Shop

ˇ  Florist / Garden

ˇ  2 Banks

ˇ  Post Office

ˇ  Photographic

ˇ  Print Shop

ˇ  Accountant

ˇ  Legal

ˇ  Medical & Dental Clinic

ˇ  Pharmacy

ˇ  10 Offices for Rent

ˇ  Food Court

ˇ  Cinema

ˇ  Underground Parking

It is anticipated to have this fully operational by 1st June 2004.

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