To say Steve Stinson is an experienced professional international hotelier is somewhat of an understatement. His successful career has been strongly influenced by his sound philosophy that "to be a good leader, you first must be a good follower". He has a strong and successful employment history with  proven business leadership through a unique balance of a warm heart, a cool head and a hard nose in general business resort and hotel management in South East Asia. Oceania, Australasia and Europe. He is fully aware of and up to the challenges of operating a property in a remote locality and in a multi-cultural environment.

Steve has always prided himself on being a "hands on" manager who leads by example, "works at the coal face" and there is no doubt that his demure, personal presentation, communication, planning, asset, inventory management and human resource management skills coupled with his attention to detail and IT skills equip him adequately to undertake any assignment.

In addition to the expertise outlined in his curriculum vitae, he is not only au fait with all facets of the hospitality industry from sales & marketing to guest care, Whitney to HIS, cellar to kitchen, rooms to engineering, training to accounting but also with conceptual planning, development right through to operations including yield management in international 4-5 star properties. He is computer literate, profit and quality of service oriented but still maintains a "hands on" bottom line approach with a proven track record. Being of the rare breed of hotelier he neither drinks (but has a most detailed knowledge of all beverages) nor smokes.

He is a very, very young 57 years of age (having the enthusiasm, energy and good cheer of a youth tempered though with the savvy and business acumen of 40 years experience), in excellent health possessing a unique blend of industry experience in not only multi-standard operations where he possesses an unique versatility to be able to work in any operation, from "the Pits to the Ritz" whilst still consistently achieving exceptional results and in multi-cultural environments but also operating in normal urban, traditional and remote localities. In all situations, he has always actively participated in the local, national and international industry forums.

Having commanded remuneration tax free packages in excess of US$177K+ per annum is of no bearing on his undertakings or assignments. His primary concern is, and always has been, to achieve terminal objectives. In doing so, he seeks parameters in which his talents may be fully utilised and where he can actively participate utilising all resources available. This is how he successfully operates and derives so much pleasure from his job satisfaction.

It is believed that his track record in the industry as a dedicated, results driven individual together with the references, in his possession, provide testament to his demure, presence, personal presentation, unique skills set, experience, maturity and business acumen which equip him adequately to successfully undertake any appointment. He is prepared to re-location anywhere in the world to undertake any suitable appointment.

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